About Ashleigh


Ashleigh Rogers is an independent singer/songwriter from Batesville, Arkansas. Growing up with a continuously wide range of musical inspirations, she has slowly cultivated her own sound, which falls somewhere into the country/R&B/pop region, but finding that sound wasn't always easy.

Her first stage performance took place at the Independence county fair talent show when she was 10 years old, and that experience led her to new opportunities. By the age of 11, she was recording vocals with local studios, and As her young career continued to grow, she had the honor of opening shows for acts such as the Oak Ridge Boys, Billy Joe Royal and Eric Church. She went on to work with several different producers and songwriters, learning more from each one, and at 16 she released her first music video with the californian independent label, no borders records

The only problem was that the songs that she had been recording and co-writing were not quite "ashleigh" enough. Diving into the music industry at such a ripe age meant that she was constantly pushed into different directions by everyone around her. Although the guidance from these mentors was necessary, it was inadvertently muffling her own inner voice. She continued to struggle with her identity as an artist, and at age 20 she decided to take some time to finally figure it out,

The break worked wonders for her artistry and at 22 Ashleigh began playing piano again and writing songs of all genres, that she truly enjoyed. The life experiences that she allowed herself to have brought a flood of inspiration, ambition, and more importantly, clarity, after having her son, Canaan, at 23, She knew  it was time to move to a place where she could be surrounded by like-minded individuals who were reaching for the same kind of goals and striving for a place in the same kind of world.

in 2017 she made the move to nashville and established a home for herself and her son. She worked vigorously on developing her new brand as an artist and immersed herself in the local writing scene. She created her first ep with producer brian bunn, and released the first single "That Girl" written with bunn and fred wilhelm, in March, 2018. The single was then followed by the rest of the ep, which includes 3 other songs also written by ashleigh and bunn.




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